Attract a Car Positive Affirmations


Do you want to attract the car of your dreams? Or maybe you just want to attract something a little more practical? Either way, as amazing as it sounds, you can actually use the principles of the law of attraction to attract a car into your life!

Our positive affirmations will help get you in the perfect state of mind needed to attract a car with the law of attraction. We recommend you use these affirmations at least twice a day, but if you are really serious about getting the car you’ve always wanted then you can use them even more and see results even sooner.

These affirmations will help you tap into the power of positive thinking, deep belief, and physical manifesting – You will overcome limiting thought patterns that are stopping you from manifesting a new car, you will believe deeply that you will attract a car, and with your mind focused and synchronized you will soon manifest the car you desire.

Go ahead, give these affirmations a try and experience the power of the law of attraction for yourself!

Present Tense Affirmations
I am attracting a new car
I am using the law of attraction to manifest my dream car
I believe deeply that I have the power to attract a new car
My dream car is already mine
My mind is totally focused on attracting a new car
There is a deep connection between my dream car and I
I am full of positive thoughts about owning a new car
My subconscious mind believes deeply that I will attract a new car
I deserve to own my dream car
I can feel a deep connection to my future car


Future Tense Affirmations
I will attract my dream car
I will be driving my new car soon
I am starting to think positively about manifesting a new car
My power to attract a new car is growing stronger each day
I am transforming into someone who is totally focused on attracting a new car
My belief in the law of attraction is growing stronger
I am starting to feel that one way or another I will own my dream car
I am beginning to sense that I will own a new car soon
I am finding it easier to believe in the law of attraction
My mind is beginning to align with the reality of owning a new car


Natural Affirmations
Attracting my dream car is easy
I can easily visualize myself driving my new car
Manifesting a new car is just something I will just do
I find it easy to think positively about the prospect of owning my dream car
I am just meant to own the car of my dreams
I deserve to have a new car
I find it easy to think positively and manifest my desires
Believing I will get a new car comes naturally to me
Owning a fancy sports car is just a normal part of my life
I am naturally manifesting my dream car into existence



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Recommended Tools to Attract A Car

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